Our Story


Falls Creek Land & Cattle Company, founded by Stan and Sandi Tidwell, is dedicated to producing the highest quality of Longhorn breed cattle. The enterprise began small in the early 2000’s with just five longhorn cows. Stan and Sandi thought it would be nice to have some real Texas Longhorns moseying around their newly acquired ranch/home property in Midlothian, TX. Soon the “hobby” grew into a small business venture as Stan became interested in developing his herd into one of the finest quality, which one year earned Stan the title of “Breeder of the Year” with the International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA). In the early days, Sandi and several of the grandchildren enjoyed showing Longhorn cows at various ITLA events and were rewarded with numerous awards! Some of the grandchildren even earned scholarship money through the Autobahn Youth Longhorn Show. Over the years, Falls Creek beef has been sold in small markets and restaurants, but primarily it has been donated to various charities and used to feed the expanding Tidwell family. Since the cattle are grass fed, the beef is naturally heart healthy and 98% lean. The Tidwell family’s primary focus in life is to glorify the Lord Jesus in all they do. Seeking to produce the finest herd and thus generate the best quality meat is our top priority. Currently, hundreds of pounds of beef are donated to charity each year, and Stan and Sandi enjoy knowing that their beef helps bring families together around the dinner table! As a point of interest, Falls Creek Land and Cattle Company is named after the Baptist camp where Stan and Sandi met as teenagers. The rest is history!